Supply Business

voluntary chain
MR.PAPA's product supply business introduces
the voluntary chain model
that has been successful in advanced countries
in North America.
60 Trillion Personal Supermarket/Mart Industry's
'MD Category Management'
- MR.PAPA is a unique game-changer
in the industry.
Voluntary Business for Similar Industries' Small
and Medium Merchants

Voluntary business offers joint purchasing or marketing to a common organization
of small and medium-sized merchants in similar industries.
The voluntary chain, a successful model in the global large retail industry,
is widely adopted by most companies in the United States, with SYSCO being a prime example.
A domestic example is the 'Onnuri Pharmacy' chain.

voluntary chain PROCESS

Mr. PAPA's voluntary chain business operates in a way that complements the limitations
of product management faced by individual business owners and small business owners.
It addresses issues such as the limitations of diverse product sourcing and high purchase prices
due to individual procurement by offering an 'easy ordering and supply system' and 'reducing purchase costs through group buying'.
This approach is being applied in both the supermarket and restaurant sectors to develop their businesses.

Competitiveness of Mr. PAPA's Products

Enhances the profitability of operators by providing price-competitive direct trade fresh foods.
Increases sales and profitability per store and establishes a sustainable SCM (Supply Chain Management)
through order and sustainable delivery and order system.

voluntary chain
Successful Cases
Global No.1 Foodservice Company Sysco

Sysco, from its early days, expanded rapidly by collaborating
with local distributors across North America and leading a nationwide IT ordering and supply system.
Currently, Sysco operates its food distribution business in over 10 countries,
serving more than 390,000 establishments, including restaurants, hospitals, and hypermarkets.

Systemization of Pharmacy Products
and Realization of VOLUNTARY CHAIN by
Onnuri Pharmacy
Achieving convenient pharmacy product operations
and the myth of one-stop shopping.

Onnuri H&C operates the pharmacy chain 'Onnuri Pharmacy' and the drugstore chain 'Wellbeing Square Onnuri,'
starting in 1991 with 120 members and now boasting 1,865 franchises.
Out of these, 1,753 are Onnuri Pharmacies and 112 are Wellbeing Square Onnuri drugstores,
holding a significant number of pharmacy supply points.

Onnuri has secured many product supply franchisees, offering various advantages in pharmacy management.
Most importantly, by supplying a variety of competitive products such as over-the-counter drugs
and health supplements, the 'Onnuri Logistics System' enables increased store profitability
and enhanced product operation capabilities for member pharmacies.

Onnuri Pharmacy Mechanism

One Stop Health Shop Pharmacy Onnuri Pharmacy is a one-stop health shop, where customers can access all health-related products and services from head to toe without any hassle.

Multi-Channel Pharmacy A multi-channel pharmacy that offers products and services through physical pharmacy stores, online, and mobile platforms for customer convenience.

Onnuri Pharmacy

Local No.1 Regular Pharmacy A regular pharmacy that provides prescription services and personalized healthcare services to local customers, not just to specific hospitals or clinics.

Pharmacy Offering a Pleasant Shopping Experience Creates an enjoyable shopping experience through a self-service sales approach, making it easy for customers to find, compare, and purchase products.

Moving Grocery Store

The MR.PAPA MGS is a sales platform that visits the homes of those with shopping difficulties and neighborhoods with an eco-friendly electric truck loaded with over 400 types of fresh food and living supplies.

Fruit Specialty Shop

Fruit Specialty Shop by MR.PAPA offers customers fresh and diverse fruits in premium packaging, cup fruits, and juice form, helping them maintain healthy eating habits. It is operating in department stores nationwide.


An ultra-convenient ordering and procurement program optimized for ingredient orders and specialized product purchases for wholesale marts, individual supermarkets, and restaurant owners.


MR.PAPA COOK provides users with a new cooking experience and convenience, offering pre-prepared ingredients and detailed cooking methods. This allows for a variety of cooking experiences at home with ease.

Local Store

The local store MR.PAPA is engaged in building local distribution channels and strengthening the viability of neighborhood supermarkets. It is carrying out the exhibition and sale of outstanding local products and franchising for digital stores of enhanced fresh food neighborhood supermarkets.

Supply Distribution Center

At the SDC, MR.PAPA provides high-quality products through cooperation with affiliated companies. After verifying the quality and safety of the products, it supplies them to local stores and discount marts in the region.


MR.PAPA Mart is a ‘grocerant’ retail model that uniquely combines a supermarket and a restaurant, offering customers a space where they can enjoy meals while grocery shopping. Starting with the first store in Ulsan, MR.PAPA Mart is expanding nationwide.

Overseas Business

The overseas business sector by MR.PAPA has officially launched the food tech store 'MR.PAPA' in the Mongolia E-Mart(Hypermakret) operated by the Mongolian distribution company Altai Group. Preparations are underway to open 'MR.PAPA' stores in various countries including Europe and Hong Kong.


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