Srengthening R&D
in Food
Ingredient Cooking

Strengthen R&D on
Cooking Ingredients

Mr. PAPA is utilizing various methods to strengthen R&D in cooking
with food ingredients, including research and development of ingredients, local market
and consumer research, collaboration with other experts,
and various experiments and tests.

Continuous Safety Collaboration with Regional Production Areas

The eastern coast red shrimp has a closed season in May.
Mussels have shellfish toxins from late February to early April, so summer mussels or mussels from Namhae-gun in February are preferable for food use.

Understanding the status and situation of each regional production area and adjusting supply accordingly is crucial in determining the completeness of food products, where the importance of ingredients is paramount.
We are forming a stable supply chain through continuous collaborative production with these production areas.

Proactive Response Capability

In June, the supply of imported female blue crabs is not smooth, and in November, high-yield Mexican female blue crabs are imported into Korea.
In Bahrain, the blue crab closed season is from March 15 to May 15, with fishing operations starting sequentially from the end of May.
It takes about a month for the supply to move, and they arrive at Busan Port around July.

In sourcing raw materials, it's important to select reliable suppliers, set quality standards and specifications, perform real-time quality monitoring, understand storage and management methods for raw materials, and maintain continuous cooperation and feedback with suppliers.
Through these principles, we ensure a reliable supply of good raw materials and create high-quality food products based on them.

Experience in Supplying Various Marine Products

A large quantity of Chinese squid is imported into Korea, but Vietnamese squid is superior in texture and taste.
Bahraini crabs differ in color from domestic crabs but are high-quality products, and Chinese crabs vary in flesh quantity by region.

There are numerous choices of marine products distributed in Korea from various countries, and the only way to source good ingredients is through continuous monitoring and communication.
We handle and sell over 200 types of marine product ingredients, understanding each product well to produce high-quality items.
A stable supply is directly linked to production and sales.
With a network of over 50 material suppliers, we maintain a steady flow of raw material supply.

Stabilization of Agricultural
and Marine Product Supply
through Direct Trade with Production Areas

Direct trade of agricultural and marine products with production areas offers advantages
such as direct communication between producers and consumers, reliability
of high product quality, affordable prices, activation of direct marketing,
and supply stabilization.

Supplying agricultural and marine products through direct trade means directly providing products
from the production site to the consumer, reducing intermediary distribution processes, providing stable
and fresh products, and enabling direct communication between producers and consumers.

Development of Exclusive Private Label Brand

Mr. PAPA is utilizing various methods for strengthening food ingredient cooking R&D,
including ingredient research and development, local market and consumer research, collaboration
with other experts, and various experiments and tests.

Moving Grocery Store

The MR.PAPA MGS is a sales platform that visits the homes of those with shopping difficulties and neighborhoods with an eco-friendly electric truck loaded with over 400 types of fresh food and living supplies.

Fruit Specialty Shop

Fruit Specialty Shop by MR.PAPA offers customers fresh and diverse fruits in premium packaging, cup fruits, and juice form, helping them maintain healthy eating habits. It is operating in department stores nationwide.


An ultra-convenient ordering and procurement program optimized for ingredient orders and specialized product purchases for wholesale marts, individual supermarkets, and restaurant owners.


MR.PAPA COOK provides users with a new cooking experience and convenience, offering pre-prepared ingredients and detailed cooking methods. This allows for a variety of cooking experiences at home with ease.

Local Store

The local store MR.PAPA is engaged in building local distribution channels and strengthening the viability of neighborhood supermarkets. It is carrying out the exhibition and sale of outstanding local products and franchising for digital stores of enhanced fresh food neighborhood supermarkets.

Supply Distribution Center

At the SDC, MR.PAPA provides high-quality products through cooperation with affiliated companies. After verifying the quality and safety of the products, it supplies them to local stores and discount marts in the region.


MR.PAPA Mart is a ‘grocerant’ retail model that uniquely combines a supermarket and a restaurant, offering customers a space where they can enjoy meals while grocery shopping. Starting with the first store in Ulsan, MR.PAPA Mart is expanding nationwide.

Overseas Business

The overseas business sector by MR.PAPA has officially launched the food tech store 'MR.PAPA' in the Mongolia E-Mart(Hypermakret) operated by the Mongolian distribution company Altai Group. Preparations are underway to open 'MR.PAPA' stores in various countries including Europe and Hong Kong.


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