Food System

Product Safety

Product Safety Management

Food safety management is a core element of the food industry, protecting consumer health and trust.
MR.PAPA prevents and manages potential risks in the production, processing, distribution,
and consumption of food through food safety management.

Thorough Food
Ingredient Hygiene Management

ISO22000 Certification & Food Safety Management Certification
Cold Chain AI Facility Management

Hygiene Management
24-hour unmanned
safety facility management
365 Hygiene
Management System
Food Hygiene Inspection
System /
Center Hygiene NO.1
Fresh Vehicle
Cold Management
Real-time Food Ingredient Temperature
/ Inspection /
Quality Control System
Thorough Food
Ingredient Hygiene Management

Rigorous food ingredient hygiene management
using standardized food ingredients with separate quality control.

Sourcing Team – Thorough Inspection

· Inspection of incoming agricultural, livestock, and seafood products
(thorough origin and quality assurance checks)
· Freshness and quality status checks
· Verification of outgoing products
(packaging condition, internal temperature of the vehicle, etc.)

Operations Team – Partner/Supplier Management

· Regular partner meetings
(at least twice a year)
· Addressing issues as they arise
· Regular visits to suppliers and production sites
(checking packaging condition, internal temperature of vehicles, etc.)

Inspection Team – Rigorous Warehouse/Disinfection

· Periodic inspections (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually)
· Parallel inspections by internal and accredited institutions
· Applying standards above legal requirements
· Monthly disinfection of warehouses and logistics centers

Internal Check System – Internal Verification

· Regular verification of logistics centers and in-house factories
· Checking the process management between incoming
and outgoing goods
· Verification of delivery vehicle conditions
(cleanliness, temperature, etc.)

Rigorous Food Ingredient
Safety Management

Safety certifications / International standard certifications

ISO 22000 Certificate

FSSC 22000 Certificate

Environmental Management System ISO 14001 Certificate

Venture Company Confirmation Certificate

Instant Cooking Food HACCP Certificate

MAIN-BIZ Certificate

INNO-BIZ Certificate (Certificate for Technology-Innovative SMEs)

Startup Company Confirmation Certificate

Certificate of Designation for Regional Type Prospective Social Enterprise

Rigorous Food Ingredient
Cleanliness Management

Clean facilities, safety-guaranteed production
for a reliable open-source type food ingredient supply

Providing a clean environment and safety-assured production

Scanning a QR code provides access to factory CCTV,
origin lists, and producer information

Enhancing customer trust and reliability

Open-Source Entire Processing Procedure

Ingredient information, production area details, pre-processing steps,
and quality control database are made publicly available, allowing for tracking
of product selection status.

Record System
Provides producer
CCTV access
Origin list
Seller information

Offers reliable open-source food ingredients for customer trust.

Rigorous Food Ingredient
Inspection Management

MR.PAPA, based on co-prosperity and ethical management
with partner companies, commits to growing as a safe
and comprehensive food company alongside its customers.